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Are you ready for this?

In Australia, there is a famous region called BENDIGO. It's apparently in the TOP 10 regions for global extraction of GOLD (aka Au).
The City of GreaterBendigo is less than two hours drive from Australia's 2nd biggest city. Capital of Victoria, Melbourne benefitted from the goldrushes in Ballarat, Bendigo and elsewhere.

Today, Greater Bendigo has a population of over 112,000. It is undergoing fast-growth, with a growth rate of about 1.7 percent.

A man of rare integrity and courage is standing for local government. Samuel  is his name. Just like the Biblical prophet. He is walking in to a cesspit of a local government. He is a candidate in a sea of 32 candidates. The sea includes seven sitting Councillors. Five of them are said to be toxic and in it for themselves, their companies and their mates. They reportedly benefit from construction and rezoning of land. He believes in consultation - as do many candidates.

SAMUEL TSHISEKEDI  is a black African man married to a Melissa from Boort near Charlton in western Victoria. He is a Church leader. We don't know if even he can save Bendigo from the State Government axe!

Samuel is learned and well-travelled. He finally decided to do more than most people of faith. He threw his name in the hat to contest the LOCKWOOD WARD. The three electoral divisions or Wards are Eppalock, Lockwood and Whipstick. Each returns 3 Councillors.

Bendigo, many of the people, have issues with a proposed Mosque and later school in East Bendigo. There is a huge counter-attack by cultural elites and lately the media. There are Councillors and Candidates wanting an investigation into the Council Planning surrounding the Mosque and it's Applicant the controversial Australian Islamic Mission. brave leaders of this resistance include Councillors Elise Chapman (standing in Lockwood Ward), Helen Leach (Eppalock Ward) and also Julie Hoskin. Julie (Whipstick Ward) had worked in that very Planning department.

Samuel is contesting Lockwood Ward and recommends second preferences be given to Elise Chapman - and vice versa.

Lockwood is a highly controversial BATTLEFIELD.....

ROD FYFFE, Greater Bendigo Mayor for the past year, is standing for Council yet again. His claim to fame: He is a Career Councillor's Career Councillor. He has been Councillor for Bendigo (now Greater Bendigo) for THIRTY YEARS. Again, thirty!!

Fyffee, as past and present students call him, is a Mathematics teacher. Jeff Kennett sacked all Councils in Victoria in 1994 and replaced them with 3 Commissioners, so Cr Fyffe had an enforced holiday from 1994 to 1996 before resuming his Business Book of Records atempt.

So he has been the default winner of elections since Bob Hawke became Prime Minister of Australia?  Other world leaders in 1983 were Mitterand, Thatcher and Reagan. Democracy in Greater Bendigo is veiled. He had been Mayor on four occasions. Councillor - 30 years, Mayor - four.

Houston, we have a problem! Bendigo needs fresh ideas - not a powerful bottleneck in the democratic process. it would take a determined Council manager to stand up to the stubborn thirty year veteran.

Sunday, August 7, 2016


                                       DO  NOT

    ANNA JOHNSTON, former Deputy Privacy Commissioner (most populous Australian State -NSW)

     SALINGER PRIVACY page (more artticles incl Why I'm Taking Leave of my Census)

    CENSUS COMPUTERS CRASH   (blame the Russians)

This month and every 5 years Australia and other nations have a CENSUS. If you see nothing wrong with increasing power of government and corporations over our lives, then ignore this blog post.

If you want you, your family and grandchildren to enjoy liberty and LESS interference by multinational corporations (MNCs) - the miltary industrial complex - then read on ... ... ...

The Census is NOT used for your benefit. Corporations and government agencies BUY data for a whole range of purposes, such as plonking a McDonalds store in a totally unsuitable environment (eg Tecoma near Belgrave in Victoria, Australia). Walmart, Subway, foreign bank, etc.

Do you want ceaseless property development ?? Homelessness in world cities is a fact of life for many newlyweds,war veterans, mentally ill and even children - not just older men.
Just ignore the forms until the Census collector gets tired of reminding you/ your household. There are NO draconian fines for ignoring the garbage - forms or online. Just ignore their requests.

Governments - from the United Nations down to local level - have failed citizens. Stop feeding establishment politicians.

   ****   Maybe this is a good time to consider the BENEFITS of boycotting the Facebook data mining website.
   ****  Is it time to take back your life from Mark Zuckerberg & Co.??

                                       DO  NOT

Take this pice of advice.  The Census and all its PR and slogans is designed to do this  -  SELL YOU AND YOUR FUTURES TO UN-NEEDED PRODUCTS AND SERVICES

Tuesday, July 28, 2015



 ZORPIA  ! ~ ! ~  

Some weeks ago, I received a message. It looked harmless. It was from an old dear friend. He and wife Indrayani so generously donated lots of time and food to give happiness to often downtrodden people near the infamous Gatwick Hotel in St Kilda, Melbourne. Samya worked as an engineer and the married Sri Lankan couple distributed happiness with the Sai Baba faith.. I was eager to answer any special message from happy times.


        Dear  [username],

[ MY USERNAME], I really really like you.
[age], [his internet-usage country]

  The Zorpia Team


Now, everybody likes to be liked. So it is a great headline. It would
   definitely encourage  you to OPEN the message!!

Remember, that message is from a trusted friend. So you would CLICK and go through with the registration to read his message. (However my sister didn't register. (I was both happy and sad to hear that!!)

So I click and then I register. However this is a big, BIG, big mistake!! I want to wake you up before you and ALL YOUR E-MAIL CONTACTS GET ZAPPED ( ZORPIAED ) too!!

ZORPIA is run by a shady Chinese billionaire in Hong Kong. I later looked up Wikipedia and a favourite website where users can check any suspicious email, photo or rumour -

The shady businessman plays dirty with you. When you click and register for ZORPIA, his company RAIDS your whole e-mail Contacts list. Unlike Facebook, Twitter, etc nobody asks your permission to steal your friends' details.

As a result of your trust, ALL your friends and other Contacts are sent messages similar to above - one or two weeks later.

Your friends are sent false recommendations for ZORPIA. The ALL of their friends......

ZORPIA turns out to be a dating site. I started to receive emails from the dating site two weeks after registering.

It is embarrassing to have bulk emails sent in your name. Especially as there is no message. i'm sure Saumya is also embarrassed.

So please do not open anything from the ZORPIA demons. If it were a just internet world, such abusers should be in jail.

As soon as you've detected something like this, please write to all on your Contacts list. This is not always easy to do....

Thank you for reading.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

CAPITAL PUNISHMENT DEATH PENALTY SHUFFLE --- (Dainty) Aussie politicians support BALI NINE junkies, heroin anarchy.


Wake  up,  Australia  !!!

  Prepare for a shock !!!

      Western  civilisation  (US spelling: civilization)  is  in  decline largely due to the WANTON DRUGS EPIDEMIC.

  Wake up, politically correct Pollyannas in UN and European ivory-towered  agencies and their slavishly soft Aussie followers !!

       Wake  up,  Australia  !!!

Stop  the  LENIENT  SENTENCING  treadmill  !!!

HEROIN - and the drug plague it spearheads - kills and destroys countless bodies, souls and intellects every year. Mental illness, schizophrenia, inter-generational poverty, criminality, prostitution and Dementia are just a few causes of obsession with drugs.

Victims include too-often-forgotten, misery-filled, at-wits-end families.

Families are abandoned by politicians, opinion-leaders and drugs 'experts'. When we think of the DRUG RENAISSANCE in Australia, we can't go past the Nazi 'experts' expert, the smiling Scot, the very respectable bottom feeder Doctor David Pennington. He was brought in by Jeff Kennett, Premier of Victoria 1992-99, to begin the decriminalisation of hard drugs. HARM MINIMISATION, and its mischievous propoganda, was in. The size make-up of the Committee was kept from the public. Pollies didn't want the GP (General Public) to know who was duped by Political Conformity, do we?? The Committee included Bernie Geary. The Salvation Army too. Thank God for the Salvos!! Thank God for the lucre in syringes and their related drug paraphenalia (brown paper bags, swabs, distilled water for mixing heroin).

Jeff Kennett went on to create a Depression Institute called Beyond Blue. Now in business, this is vertical integration. Start in the Heroin and Syringe business, make as many as possible addicted to Heroin, cannabis and others in the Drug Supermarket, and then make zillions out of Depression and Suicide. This Jeff Kennett (lives in Surrey Hills, Melbourne) sure is smart.

Is the smiling assassin, superman David Pennington a reincarnation of Nazi Dr Josef Mengele ?? What about the dirty role of the Salvation Army and its never-ending supply of Terumo Medical Corporation syringes ??

The junkie cartels seeking drug legalisation
 are well-armed

Of course we think of the messed-up, sleazy, bad-breath zombies (aka hopeless dopeheads and desperate drug addicts). But surprisingly often - seen and unseen - there are influencial lobbyists pushing for decriminalisation. They wear expensive suits and live in leafy wealthy suburbs. They bribe pollies, police officers and judges. They look at the Colorado drug experiment and what do they see ?? They see goldmines. They tell politicians and  'YES, MINISTER' bureaucrats that drug liberalisation promises a bonanza in taxation revenues. They also propose a solution to the unemployment crisis. Body bags & funerals by the hundred !!

Drugs. Great way to eliminate much of the underclasses, eh ??
Another Judenfrage or Final Solution

Beware the drug Mafia !!! They would sell their grandmothers. They have no shame. PM Tony Abbott and Opposition Keader Bill Shorten, shame on you both for listening to their well-oiled 'public relations' mantras. Ditto for all oh-so-many soft-headed, spineless politicians.

SHAME for taking their greasy spin. SHAME on the Australian ABC - vast publically-funded Media Empire - Millioinaires' Factory.

(Whose ABC ??) Then there are international media machines eg The Huffington Post. Indeed, in the digital age, everything, especially that of reason and altruism and ideas of lasting value, becomes cheapened 'CLICK BAIT'.

Western civilization doesn't have to be in steep decline.
 As very wise people have said,
    If you don't use it (civilization), you lose it".

 Also, "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise


( edited from Herald-Sun ... )

Mother  whose  daughter died
 of  heroin  overdose  says
 Bali Nine  duo
‘should  be  executed’

Heartbreak ... Jennifer Neal died of a heroin overdose in 1997. Picture: Supplied.

Heartbreak ... Jennifer Neal died of a heroin overdose in 1997

A MELBOURNE mother who lost her teenage daughter to a heroin overdose has bravely spoken out  AGAINST  public support for Bali Nine ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, saying she hopes the men are executed.
Australia's Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Foreign Minister Julie Bishop have been
 among those to condemn Indonesia for its planned execution of the Chan and Sukumaran.
 They have already served 10 years for plotting to smuggle 8.2 kilograms of heroin into Australia.

Public anger has even triggered a mass social media campaign to “Boycott Bali” in protest against the men’s treatment.

But Melbourne’s Beverley Neal said she “prayed that the men do get executed” and people started to realise they could not get drugs from Bali.

Young death ... Jennifer Neal (aged 6 in the photo) was 17 when she died of a heroin over

Young death ... Jennifer Neal (aged 6 above) was 17 when she died of a heroin overdose in 1997. Her mother Beverley says she prays that Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran die for their role in drug trafficking.

These are criminals who have been glorified as heroes,” said Ms Neal.

“Who knows how many other lives would have been lost if they had not been caught in Bali.”

Indonesia’s attorney-general Muhammad Prasetyo yesterday said “nothing whatsoever” could stop the execution of Chan and Sukumaran, vowing they would face the firing squad as soon as possible.

His claims were at odds with Indonesia’s vice president Yusuf Kalla whose office claimed a delay of three weeks to a month on the executions had been conveyed to Ms Bishop in a phone call this week.
Condemned ... convicted Australian drug smugglers Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan are am

Condemned ... convicted Australian DRUG SMUGGLERS Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan are among the next group of prisoners to be executed in Indonesia.    
“There is a technical aspect that must be prepared before it is done,” the vice president’s spokesperson Husain Abdullah told a press conference in Jakarta.
Chan, Sukumaran execution in limbo

The Indonesian president says there's been 'no delay' in plans to execute Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.

It is understood Ms Bishop did have a conversation with Yusuf Kalla, however, the three-week time frame was not canvassed.

But the pair did discuss ways in which the two countries could work together to combat the narcotics trade.

And Mr Prasetyo denied reports that the President was not in possession of all the documents about Chan and Sukumaran and their rehabilitation when he rejected their clemency.

“No, everything was already there. There is the consideration from the Supreme court, about the case.

 I will tell you about it later,” Mr Prasetyo said.

Asked if the President knew about the changes in the Bali Nine and the mental illness of a Brazilian — also on death row — Mr Prasetyo commented that the change was only “nowadays”.
Ms Neal said she still grieved everyday for daughter Jennifer, who was just 17 when she died of a heroin overdose.

It’s been 18 years, three months and 20 days,” she said.

Mother of heroin overdose victim Jennifer Neal, Beverley, says Bali Nine duo’s parents should be thankful they got the chance to hold their sons and say goodbye.    
“She was a very intelligent, a beautiful young woman in her first year of business college.

“They were trying to get her addicted. It was the fourth hit (that claimed her life).”

She said in her view, the parents of Chan and Sukumaran were very fortunate.

“They get to hold their sons, talk to them and say goodbye,” said Ms Neal.
“I never got to do that.”

But she held no sympathy for the men despite stories of their rehabilitation and work with other inmates at Kerobokan Prison.

These drug dealers and traffickers are vicious criminals,”
 Ms Neal said.

I only wish we had the same laws in Australia to properly deal with them.

“If we were doing it (executions) here we wouldn’t have a problem.”

Ms Neal said she felt compelled to speak out in favour of the executions on behalf of the thousands of Australian parents who had gone through what she had.

It’s a terrible problem and it sickens me that the Aussie PM is trying to bully Indonesia,” she said.

“Three months ago he was saying “we’ve got to respect the Indonesian law”.

“Now he’s just saying what he thinks people want to hear.’’

Originally published as ‘I pray Bali Nine will be executed’

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Ever think about how your oil-based plastic clothing is killing wildlife?? The Story of Stuff explains

Annie  Leonard

The Earth’s oceans are filling with tiny toxic plastics, and most of them come from man-made fabrics.
Ask environmentally-conscious clothing company Columbia Sportswear to fund solutions-focused research!

It's a free project enlightening  and  empowering
 the community (inclYOU)

Its  creator - the vibrant Canadian Annie Leonard


 The Story of Stuff  and videos'
    talk of what scientists call
 The Pacific Garbage Patch.

  However, some of the most dangerous
 plastic in our oceans is
 so tiny as to be nearly invisible.

 Ecologist  MARK  BROWNE  studied  ocean microplastics
          at  18 world places.

  Most  material  polluting  the  oceans  are   ... ... ...
(loose, microscopic flecks of plastic from washing machining clothes that end up in oceans).

 This is the 1st  time someone has studied the large-scale environmental impact of man-made fabrics. Oceans play a critical role in the food chain, so plastic microfibers filling our ocean pose a serious threat to  ALL  life.

 Ingested and inhaled [plastic] fibers carry toxic materials.
One  third of  our  food  is  contaminated.   (Dr. Browne)

 Currently, clothing companies use plastics in their products without thinking about the dangers. But we here at The Story of Stuff Project believe in encouraging solutions to big problems. We’re calling on one of the world’s most environmentally-conscious clothing companies, Oregon-based  Columbia Sportswear,  to lead the charge for positive change.

Ask Columbia Sportswear to lead the way to cleaner oceans by researching pollution-free ways to make clothing!

Other Sportswear companies  Kathmandu Holly Hansen PatagoniaColumbia Australia
Most modern clothing companies, including Columbia Sportswear, use plastic man-made fabrics like polyester and nylon. Each time we wash a shirt, jacket, or other clothing made from these materials, plastic microfibers get washed into the sewage system and flow into the ocean.

 From there the microfibers are ingested by small fish, and make their way up the food chain. And these fibers are everywhere. They contaminate not only our waterways, but also our food and air.

 When ecologist Mark Brown studied microplastics on shorelines across the globe, he discovered that a full 85% of the plastic came from man-made clothing fibers. Experiments with washing machines reveal that 1,900 pieces of plastic microfibers come off of a single piece of clothing every time it’s washed.

 Since nearly every major clothing company now uses these sorts of man-made fibers, it adds up to a huge amount of plastic microfibers entering our waterways each year. And just like other plastics, plastic microfibers contribute toxins to our environment.

 Science has only recently discovered this problem, and what we need now is a solution to this mess. If a big company like Columbia Sportswear proves that better alternatives are possible, others will follow suit. Columbia Sportswear is perfectly positioned to become a leader on this issue; it makes clothing for nature-loving people, and sells its products around the world.

Ask Columbia Sportswear to protect our oceans by helping find a solution to plastic microfiber pollution!


Some  facts:

Our plastic  pollution  has  increased  by  500%  in  the  last  30 years.

Plastic  ocean  litter  kills  over  100,000   wild  animals  every  year.

 Half of the people in the world now live someplace that regulates single-use plastic bags, and large corporations are promising to remove plastic microbeads from their products.

We’re  making  progress  in  our  fight  against  plastic  pollution.

 Acting  on  plastic  fibers  is  our  next  step.

 Columbia (well-known founder/Chairman GERT BOYLE) sells itself as a company that cares about the environment.

 It gives millions of dollars to environmental causes each year.

  If Columbia Sportswear becomes the first global company to create pollution-free clothing, other companies will feel the pressure to do the right thing  too.

    Thank you so much
         Emma Cape, on behalf of The Story of Stuff team

Similar  Sportswear  companies  to  contact
    (eg via Facebook, Contact email;):
Helly Hansen (Oslo, Norway)
Kathmandu (Christchurch, NZ)

North Face (California, USA)
Patagonia (California, USA)

Other  (Wikipedia- Sportswear companies)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Super Size Me !! JACOB BOLTON QUITS SUCROSE. Follow his progress: "I quit Sugar" diet: Day One to Day Six - struggle, migraines

 Sugar definitely is at poison levels today. It has become a toxic (and highly lucrative) drug. Does the  I QUIT SUGAR  DIET (Sarah Wilson) work, or is it a trendy celebrity diet?? Sugar (sucrose) withdrawal is rapid.


   Who is Jacob Bolton ???
     A portly bearded guy who is associated with Urban Seed and once was on a meat-only diet. He is married to one wife. They have a young child. He seems to prefer the company of carnivores.

--------------------------------------------------------------        ALSO  SEE:


         Day 5:   I  quit  sugar
    Been feeling ill and dizzy for a bit, often bloating for no good reason. Feeling exhausted/drained like I always need more sleep.
    I'm responding in repulsion very quickly to sweet things.

    News Feed

         Day 4:   I  quit  sugar
    Mushroom, bacon, tomato, poached eggs with hollandaise sauce 


     Day 3:   I  quit  sugar
Went to bed with a migraine last night, was ok by morning tho.
I had bacon, eggs, mushrooms and cheese for breakfast.
I have also been making iced tea with fruit and water soaking over night. Makes a good alternative to fruit juice or cordial.
I'm not feeling so bad or hungry today

     Day 2:   I  quit  sugar
I have a massive headache, and my joints feel achy
     Day 1:   I  quit  sugar 
So far so good


           SARAH WILSON  (Wikipedia)

           GOOGLE SEARCH